How To Lose Weight Without Harm To Health Some Instruction From An Expert

Many people strive to lose weight. This problem is especially typical for women – to get in good shape and gain a slender body.

But here it is important to approach the issue thoroughly; otherwise there is a risk of harm to health.

First you need to answer the question: why are you dissatisfied with your own figure? Some gain weight due to lack of activity.

Some people just eat a lot. And someone has problems with hormones – in such a case, you cannot do without a doctor.

Physical Activity

The main rule for weight loss is a calorie deficit. It’s simple – you need to spend more than you consume. It is important to understand that for the life of the body, men and women require different amounts of calories.

The number of calories that men and women should consume on average per day at different levels of activity


So, in order to lose weight, you must first understand how active you are and burn at least 200-400 calories more than you consume.

First, about activity levels:

• Low – a person does not go in for sports / fitness, on average takes less than 10,000 steps per day (about 7 km);

• Medium – trains / does fitness once or twice a week or takes an average of about 10,000 steps per day;

• High – three or more workouts per week and a high level of mobility (10,000 or more steps per day).

Now about calories. During any activity, they are spent. For example:

Dream50 kcal
Housework (cleaning)120-240 kcal
calm walking190 kcal
Jogging360 kcal
Swimming180-400 kcal
A ride on the bicycle210-540 kcal
Skating180-600 kcal

You need to choose physical activity for yourself, which is available in financial (the issue of money is always relevant), physical (you need to understand your level of preparation) and moral (it is important that the activity is enjoyable) plans.

Having excess weight, you should not start with running or active skating. Morning exercises or a long brisk walk will be enough.

There are a huge number of programs that count calorie consumption and steps taken / activity.

Proper Nutrition (PP)

Weight loss starts in the kitchen – a key step towards a healthy and beautiful body is the diet. It is necessary to revise your menu in favor of PP: it is advisable to eat food five times a day, including two snacks, give preference to unprocessed cereals, fresh vegetables, seafood, which contain a lot of protein (contributes not only to the structure of relief muscles, but also to rapid satiety).

It is necessary to maintain a balance of proteins, fats and carbohydrates (BJU). For weight loss, you should consume a significant amount of protein and practically eliminate carbohydrates (BJU: 45% -35% -15%).

Sleeping Mode

To maintain the normal functioning of the body is very important full healthy sleep. The need for the amount of sleep in all people is different, but on average it is 8 hours.

It is important to develop the habit of going to bed and getting up at the same time.

Water Balance

The human body consists of 80% water.

There is a generally accepted fluid intake rate: for men weighing 70 kg – this is 3.5 liters, for women – 2.5. This includes, of course, not only water, but also any liquid that enters the body with food: juices, coffee, soups, and fruits.

But each organism is individual and these figures can be influenced by: age, weight, gender, menstrual cycle, ambient temperature, diet, health status.

Important: drink as much water as your body needs. This can be determined by the absence of a feeling of thirst and the color of urine – it should be light yellow or clear.

Centimeter, Not Scales

An important indicator of weight loss is not a person’s weight, but a decrease in the volume of his body. Fat is much lighter than muscle.

Therefore, with a loss of fat and an increase in muscle mass, weight may change slightly (or even stand still).

And the opposite situation – rapid weight loss (1.5-2 kg in 3 days) may not mean weight loss, but only getting rid of excess fluid.