How Do I Check the Status of My Divorce in Ontario


Going through a divorce is a challenging process, and it’s natural to want to stay informed about the progress. If you’re in Ontario and wondering how to check the status of your divorce, this article will guide you through the methods and processes involved in staying updated on your divorce proceedings.

The Importance of Checking Your Divorce Status

Checking your divorce status is crucial for various reasons. It helps you stay informed, ensures the legal process is progressing as expected, and allows you to plan for the next steps in your life.

Methods for Checking Divorce Status in Ontario

There are several methods you can use to check the status of your divorce in Ontario. Let’s explore these options in detail.

Online Divorce Status Check

One of the most convenient ways to check your divorce status is through online services provided by the Ontario government. You can access your divorce information, including the status and court location, online.

In-Person Inquiry at the Courthouse

If you prefer a more personal approach, you can visit the courthouse where your divorce was filed. Courthouse staff can provide you with the necessary information regarding your case.

Phone Inquiry to the Courthouse

Another option is to inquire about your divorce status over the phone. Courthouse staff can assist you in understanding the current status of your divorce proceedings.

The Importance of Accurate Information

When checking your divorce status, it’s essential to provide accurate information, such as your full name and the case or file number. Precise details are crucial to ensure you receive the correct information.

Understanding the Divorce Process

To better navigate the divorce process and check your status effectively, it’s essential to have a basic understanding of how divorces proceed through the legal system in Ontario.


Checking the status of your divorce in Ontario is a practical and essential step in the divorce process. By staying informed and updated, you can make more informed decisions about your future.


  1. How long does it take to get divorce status information online in Ontario?
    Online divorce status information is typically available instantly once you enter the required details.
  2. What documents or information do I need to provide for an in-person inquiry at the courthouse?
    You should provide your full name and, if possible, the case or file number related to your divorce.
  3. Can I check the divorce status by calling any courthouse in Ontario, or should I contact the one where my divorce was filed?
    It’s best to contact the courthouse where your divorce was filed, as they will have the most accurate information.
  4. Do I need a lawyer to check my divorce status in Ontario?
    You do not need a lawyer to check your divorce status; you can do it personally or online.
  5. What should I do if I cannot find my divorce status information online or in person?
    If you’re unable to find information, it may be helpful to contact the courthouse or seek legal advice for further assistance.

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